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Online Caesar Design Course

Caesar II is a PC based pipe stress analysis engineering software . This s/w is an engineering tool used in the mechanical design and analysis of piping systems. Besides the evaluation of a piping system's response to thermal , bleadweight and pressure loads , CAESAR II analysis the effect of wind support settlement seismic loads and wave loads. Piping stress analysis is a discipline which is highly interrelated with piping layout. The layout of the piping system should be performed with the requirements of piping stress and pipe supports in mind (sufficient flexibility for thermal expansion, proper pipe routing so that economical pipe supports can be constructed piping materials & section properties commensurate with the intended service, temperatures, pressures and anticipated loadings). CAESAR II makes quick work of developing analysis models while clearly indicating areas of concern. Via color - coded stress models and animated displacements for any stress - load case. CAESAR II has become the world's most widely used pipe stress analysis software. CAESAR II is the pipe -stress analysis standard against which all others are measured. CAESAR II makes it easy to input and display all the data needed to accurately define a piping system analysis model.