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Online PDMS Admin Course

All kinds, of piping hanger & supports, steel structures, equipments, electricals, HVAC(Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system may be designed in 3D using this s/w for power & process industries (both onshore & offshore).The s/w has specific tools to identify 2 correct any clashes which appear in the design. The s/w also supports 2D drafting working in 3D environment is time saving and also helps in getting new ideas which and in creating a highly intelligent 3D design. Creating a designing the PDMS 3D s/w results in a perfect plant model complete in all aspects and helps to identify even the most minute components used in the design. The s/w has pre-designed catalogues Containing piping standard components based on the pipe's sizes. .

PDMS is highly configurable & include both , a powerful programmable macro language (PML) and . NET API to customise the system and automate key tasks. PDMS is a multiuser s/w and hence each user has a unique id assigned to him Another person misuse our ideas.