Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Any personal information submitted through the use of the Website is managed according to the our Privacy policy. All user information collected on our Website is confidential and protected from unauthorized use. No information will be passed to any third party without the user's consent other than in cases specified in the legislation of the Republic of Indian Law. By registering, the user agrees to comply with the Website rules and agrees that his access can be blocked in case of breach of the rules. Like many websites, we monitor the traffic and collect information about the number of visitors, the name of the visitors’ internet service provider's server domain (domain) (IP), etc. This information is collected automatically, during your visit of the Website. It helps to understand how visitors use the Website and provides the opportunity to improve our services.

Prices and payment

Your order is an offer to purchase Online Course Services from us. The Online Course Service will be made available to you once your payment has been authorized and the course session has started. There will be no contract of any kind between you and us unless and until you make authorized payment for the Online Course Service. At any point up until then, we may decline to supply the Online Course Service to you without giving any reason.

The fee for the Online Course Service is calculated and payable in full amount of the course start date as set out on, we are providing trail version before purchasing the courses. The Company shall be no allow to provide the Online Course Service until the fee has been paid.

All prices are expressed inclusive of any VAT payable unless otherwise stated. Your credit/ debit card details are not handled by  All payment and all credit card handling is through the third party, PayPal, CC Avenue ect… Inc. Authority for payment must be given at the time of placing your order.


At any time of purchase (during the working week & weekend), a confirmation email will be sent to the customer acknowledging payment and successful enrolment in the course.

After purchase of our software the next moment itself customer will be will be notified by email of an online URL where the course materials will be located. Customers will be required to create a username and password for logging into the site and accessing the course content.

New course content will be delivered with immediate effect as per the topic outline. Users can access to previous week's course material at any time, no need wait for the end of the course. It is possible to pause your course or take a holiday midway through your course.

Cancellation and refunds

Refunds cannot be made for downloadable digital items. Cancellation and refunds are not available after subscribers to the Online Course If dissatisfied with the service, contact It is not possible to cancel or postpone your course, apart from under the circumstances. Your access to the Online Course Service may be terminated by written notice if you are in material breach of these terms and the breach is not remedied within the period of 14 days after written notice of the breach has been given to you. If we reasonably believe your breach of these terms affects our lawful operation of the Online Course Service or third party customers we may suspend your access to the Online Course Service at any time

Certificate Issue

We will issue softcopy of the certificates upon request of customers after completing the course on online.